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If you or a loved one has severe and profound hearing loss, cochlear implants should be investigated.


Children as young as 12 months old as well as adults can benefit from cochlear implants. Call today to schedule a FREE evaluation and find out if they would work for you.

Schedule a consultation to discuss cochlear implants or other listening devices with trained experts.


Work with a member of the Cochlear Alliance to discover if cochlear implants are an option for you or a loved one. You'll receive exemplary care, every time.


Receive help that can improve the way you hear

Understand the benefits of cochlear implants

 •  Based on direct bone conduction

 •  Implant is placed behind the non-

    functioning ear

 •  Surgery is minor

 •  Involves 3 sound processors

 •  Get more out of your conversations

 •  Easy access to music and telephones

 •  A child-friendly hearing solution

Find out more about cochlear implants

Choose to visit our complete hearing center and you will find cochlear implant accessories such as test rods, test bands, audio adapters, headbands and other items. Our trained staff will work to locate the products you need. Trust a business with more than 25 years' experience to assist you.

You can also purchase cochlear implant accessories

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